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The first plastics resistant to scratches, vandalism and chemicals in Central Europe
Wherever durable and long-lasting plastics are needed.

About Us

We are the first company in Poland and Central Europe to offer revolutionary plastics protected against scratching, vandalism and chemicals.

We use a wide range of protective coatings widely recognized as one of the most advanced and reliable in Europe.

All our protective coatings have similar properties based on strengthening the resistance of plastics. 

   They belong to them:

  • increased chemical resistance

  • Increased abrasion resistance

  • preserving optical transparency

  • drastically increase the durability of products, including resistance to graffiti and vandalism.


Coated Polycarbon, Acrylic, PETg and others

Coating technology

Our Coating is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and ensure that all quality systems exceed that specification. All coatings are applied and UV Cured in a purpose built, automated spray facility to give your product the optimal finish it deserves.

Coating technology

All our protective coatings possess similar base qualities for the enhancement of plastic materials.

These include:

  • Increased chemical resistance

  • Increased abrasion resistance

  • preserving optical transparency

  • drastically increase the life of products


Multi-purpose use

Our protective coatings have a wide range of applications and specifications.

  • Architectural glazing

  • Outdoor advertising

  • Bus stops

  • Automotive components and interiors

  • Safety and machine guards

  • Points of sale and retail outlets

  • Traffic signals

  • Advertising industry

  • Lighting shields

  • Displays

  • Mirrors

Protection of screens and parts of electronic devices and equipment

We also make screens protected against scratches, acts of vandalism and household chemistry.

Screens with polycarbonate, acrylic or polyester fronts - depending on the application

Coating technology designed for the optoelectronics industry also uses a filter material to protect and enhance the contrast and readability of the screens.

Our digital displays can be supplied ready-to-install with our own services, which include CNC machining, precision screen printing, tambour printing, digital printing, spray painting and adhesive seal.

Some popular applications for our displays:

  • Mobile phone screens

  • LCD screens

  • Tablet screens

  • Dashboard display systems

  • Touch screen displays

Powłoki antybakteryjne i przeciwwirusowe

tworzywa z powłokami antybakteryjnymi

Oferujemy tworzywa sztuczne z powłokami antybakteryjnymi,


Gruntownie przebadane i opracowane w celu zahamowania rozprzestrzeniania się bakterii i wirusów w zastosowaniach wymagających powierzchni antybakteryjnych.

Aktywnym składnikiem jest srebrna matryca, która uwalnia jony srebra na całej powierzchni arkusza, co zapewnia stałe, skuteczne działanie przeciwko bakteriom gram-dodatnim i gram- ujemnym.

Ponieważ matryca jest równomiernie rozłożona na całej powierzchni arkusza, skuteczność materiału jest zachowana, nawet jeśli powierzchnia ulega zużyciu lub jest porysowana.

O technologii
Jak to działa?
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Contact with Us

UK manufacturer:

Peerless Plastics & Coatings
16 – 20 Howlett Way, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 1HZ
Mon-Fri, 8:30am until 5:30pm
+44 (0)845 519 9079


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